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About Us

Like our signature product line, J.McGale Industries operates with a crisp, clear focus. We are in the mobile video business: nothing more, nothing less. We maintain a certain "tunnel vision" approach - focusing on our product category and servicing our customers the way we know best—we are able to sharpen our expertise rather than obscure it, perfect our offering rather than dilute it. We excel at one thing rather than over-extending into many.

J.McGale Industries has focused on a single flagship brand: 3rd Eye MobileVision™ camera systems. Today, we remain a Master Distributor for 3rd Eye MobileVision™ and maintain a unrivalled relationship with them in terms of product development. By road or by rail, these camera systems are reducing risk, preventing accidents, and saving lives in mobile fleet industries as diverse as law enforcement, mass transit, mining and pupil transportation.

To learn more about our products and our unique approach to customer service and technical support, please contact us.

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