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3rd Eye MobileVision™


a) Heavy Duty 7" - 4 Port Monitor

This heavy duty 4 port monitor is designed to withstand shock and vibrations of up to 10G, repel water intrusion, salt and handle extreme temperatures.

Split, Tri and Quad screen viewing is available on this 7" screen. The AWT07MLED is a rugged, robust monitor protected by die cast aluminum housing with the highest military specs suitable for the toughest known environments.

Screen Size: 7" Display - LED Panel
Video Inputs: 5 Cameras (4 CCD, 1 AV)
Shock Resistance: ≥10G
Die Cast Aluminum Housing
Dimensions: 192 (W) 140.5 (H) 51.8 (D) mm
Quad, Tri or Split Screen Viewing with Custom Triggers

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