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3rd Eye MobileVision™


a) Grommet Mounted Radar

The 3rd Eye MobileVision family of “Integrated Radar Systems” offer cutting edge solutions to protect both the public and your drivers. This system will continue to drive up profitability by helping reduce costly blind spot accidents while increasing peace of mind and productivity within the organization!

This ruggedized radar system utilizes your existing 3rd Eye MobileVision Camera cables for easy installation. With our integrated Doppler Microwave Technology, you will benefit from the advantage of object detection/collision avoidance even under the most extreme applications.

Voltage: 10-28 VDC
Power: 0.6mA (12v)
Operating Temp: -40°C to 85°C
Audible: 95 db @ 3m
Range: Variable up to 30'
4" Grommet Mount for OEM Fit
All Weather Operation
5 Year Warranty

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